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 New York Commercial Real Estate

Welcome to Safe Harbour Real Estate Group, your number one course for New York Commercial Real Estate. The collective expertise of Donna M. Zavattieri and Angelo J. Grima puts them ahead of their peers.

Why are Donna and Angelo so important to Safe Harbour Real Estate Group (SHRE)? Because without their skill and years of experience the company would not be what is is today. And that is a fact.

Donna is a native New Yorker that started at  Helmsley-Spear, Inc. in their Corporate Accounting Department. From there she adapted the skills of trade for management and leasing in the Garment Center under the direction of Irving Schneider. Turning down a full scholarship to Baruch College she instead started from the ground up. At Schneider she learned Administrative Leasing Assistant to Assistant Building Manager to Building Manager to Account Executive to Asset Manager, eventually selling the entire company on ownership’s behalf in Fall of 2007.

Angelo has a similar New York experience. He is a veteran in the real estate industry and has been involved in all kinds of disposition, leasing and management of New York Commercial Real Estate for over 35 years. Angelo has a  a degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Western Michigan University and Real Estate Certificate from New York University. He was also the President of BOMA New York. And still an active member.

 Why SHRE for New York Commercial Real Estate?

Aside from the incomparable skills of Donna and Angelo SHRE, the services they provide are plentiful. This includes commercial, residential, consulting, management, investment, development and hospitality. Unlike other companies we are the analytical and research skills to help our clients make an educated decision when purchasing or selling New York Commercial Real Estate.

Clients want to know that the company they use have the answers they need. Buying and selling real estate is much more than simply knowing the market trends. Realtors should know if it is a profitable investment or if it needs a better management company.

Have a question about NYC Commercial Real Estate? Please call SHRE Group today at 917-388-2786.