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Manhattan Real Estate Broker

Welcome to your Manhattan Real Estate Broker! Safe Harbour Real Estate is your number one source for all commercial real estate in New York.  Our company is ahead in the game from others. With our well performance trained team that has the knowledge and expertise. At Safe Harbour Real Estate, we transform the resources you have been concerned about. After a consultation with us clients leave feeling confident in their properties.

However, it’s always important to be mindful of your financial situation as well as your financial resources.So rather then taking over a property the team here provides clients with information to make educated decisions.

The owners of the company, Angelo J. Grima and Donna M. Zavattieri are highly trained professionals that have been responsible for sales, management, and leasing for popular real estate companies in New York City. Our company specializes and takes pride in Brokerage, Sales, Acquisitions, and Leasing.

The team at Manhattan Real Estate Broker has over 100 years of experience. First and foremost clients are equipped with an expert advice. For example, real estate services and businesses. Clients allow us to manage their investments along handling leasing, purchasing and development of commercial and residential properties. Why choose another company when we have the knowledge, skill, and power to steer you in the bright direction.

Manhattan Real Estate Broker

Because our Manhattan Real Estate Broker has the knowledge in guiding clients we can help clients put their best decision forward. Donna and Angelo will never leave you questioning a decision because we will assist you from beginning to end on any project that is of your concern. Leave the managing up to us, we guarantee a successful ending to any assignment. With real estate being a competitive and difficult business, our team will help you manage any of your apprehensions and needs.

Our services include commercial, residential, consulting, management, investment, development, and hospitality. Angelo and Donna will enhance your investment income. However, will be done without tarnishing your assets and helping to prepare your for any future expenses. Invest your time with us at Safe Harbour Real Estate. Our trained and skilled team will always help our clients to achieve the above average with any goal. Clients will are never anything but satisfied.

Lastly, it is the passion our team has for real estate that attracts new business. Clients know that we are honest and fair, which is why they continue to refer us and come back.

For any Manhattan Real Estate Broker inquiries, please call 917-388-2786!