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NYC Real Estate Company

NYC Real Estate Company

Welcome all property and real estate lovers, your NYC Real Estate Company. Our real estate company is the number one source in New York for all commercial and personal real estate. The stakes are high in the real estate industry, prices are up and sky rocked.

Safe Harbour is prepared and skilled for the tough game the industry deals with. We are ready for perform with our trained team that has the knowledge of finding you the best real estate prices on the market. We have the resources that can be used to turn your financials into the property you have always wanted.

NYC Real Estate Company has collective expertise for commercial real estate. Our real estate sectors put them ahead of their peers, setting them apart from all other real estate companies. And when it comes to residential real estate, we understand the market and the available choices that will give us access to the best.

NYC Real Estate Company: Your Number One Choice

We are highly skilled and trained and we will always point you in the right direction. We know how to manage in the business, whether it’s a single building or a certain amount of properties, Safe Harbour Real Estate has the perfect team that can get it all done from evaluating and analyzing the process and situation that is given.

Safe Harbour Real Estate has over 50 years of management experience, and 50 years of broker and sales experience. This will guarantee you 100% satisfaction. But we will always put our best foot forward to listen to our clients.

There are so many different companies to chose from in the real estate industry. So why chose NYC Real Estate Company? With our experience and knowledge in the industry, we have a great network within the business. Because of the 100 years combined we can provide our experience with expert brokerage service.

And lastly, we only employee the brightest and best in our company to ensure our clients will be satisfied with our work. Please reach out to us today!

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Manhattan Real Estate Broker

Manhattan Real Estate Broker

Welcome to your Manhattan Real Estate Broker! Safe Harbour Real Estate is your number one source for all commercial real estate in New York.  Our company is ahead in the game from others. With our well performance trained team that has the knowledge and expertise. At Safe Harbour Real Estate, we transform the resources you have been concerned about. After a consultation with us clients leave feeling confident in their properties.

However, it’s always important to be mindful of your financial situation as well as your financial resources.So rather then taking over a property the team here provides clients with information to make educated decisions.

The owners of the company, Angelo J. Grima and Donna M. Zavattieri are highly trained professionals that have been responsible for sales, management, and leasing for popular real estate companies in New York City. Our company specializes and takes pride in Brokerage, Sales, Acquisitions, and Leasing.

The team at Manhattan Real Estate Broker has over 100 years of experience. First and foremost clients are equipped with an expert advice. For example, real estate services and businesses. Clients allow us to manage their investments along handling leasing, purchasing and development of commercial and residential properties. Why choose another company when we have the knowledge, skill, and power to steer you in the bright direction.

Manhattan Real Estate Broker

Because our Manhattan Real Estate Broker has the knowledge in guiding clients we can help clients put their best decision forward. Donna and Angelo will never leave you questioning a decision because we will assist you from beginning to end on any project that is of your concern. Leave the managing up to us, we guarantee a successful ending to any assignment. With real estate being a competitive and difficult business, our team will help you manage any of your apprehensions and needs.

Our services include commercial, residential, consulting, management, investment, development, and hospitality. Angelo and Donna will enhance your investment income. However, will be done without tarnishing your assets and helping to prepare your for any future expenses. Invest your time with us at Safe Harbour Real Estate. Our trained and skilled team will always help our clients to achieve the above average with any goal. Clients will are never anything but satisfied.

Lastly, it is the passion our team has for real estate that attracts new business. Clients know that we are honest and fair, which is why they continue to refer us and come back.

For any Manhattan Real Estate Broker inquiries, please call 917-388-2786!

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New York Commercial Real Estate

 New York Commercial Real Estate

Welcome to Safe Harbour Real Estate Group, your number one course for New York Commercial Real Estate. The collective expertise of Donna M. Zavattieri and Angelo J. Grima puts them ahead of their peers.

Why are Donna and Angelo so important to Safe Harbour Real Estate Group (SHRE)? Because without their skill and years of experience the company would not be what is is today. And that is a fact.

Donna is a native New Yorker that started at  Helmsley-Spear, Inc. in their Corporate Accounting Department. From there she adapted the skills of trade for management and leasing in the Garment Center under the direction of Irving Schneider. Turning down a full scholarship to Baruch College she instead started from the ground up. At Schneider she learned Administrative Leasing Assistant to Assistant Building Manager to Building Manager to Account Executive to Asset Manager, eventually selling the entire company on ownership’s behalf in Fall of 2007.

Angelo has a similar New York experience. He is a veteran in the real estate industry and has been involved in all kinds of disposition, leasing and management of New York Commercial Real Estate for over 35 years. Angelo has a  a degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Western Michigan University and Real Estate Certificate from New York University. He was also the President of BOMA New York. And still an active member.

 Why SHRE for New York Commercial Real Estate?

Aside from the incomparable skills of Donna and Angelo SHRE, the services they provide are plentiful. This includes commercial, residential, consulting, management, investment, development and hospitality. Unlike other companies we are the analytical and research skills to help our clients make an educated decision when purchasing or selling New York Commercial Real Estate.

Clients want to know that the company they use have the answers they need. Buying and selling real estate is much more than simply knowing the market trends. Realtors should know if it is a profitable investment or if it needs a better management company.

Have a question about NYC Commercial Real Estate? Please call SHRE Group today at 917-388-2786.

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New York City Commercial Real Estate

Why New York City Commercial Real Estate?

Welcome to New York City Commercial Real Estate. Safe Harbor Real Estate, also known as SHRE, is well respected and renowned for our ability to help troubled assets. By turning them into performing properties we help reduce the risk of ownership. We remind all clients when considering commercial estate to be mindful of their financial experience, investment goals, risk tolerance and financial resources.

At our New York City Commercial Real Estate, the owners Angelo J. Grima and Donna M. Zavattieri, have both has been responsible for all aspects of brokerage and sales, management and leasing for major real estate companies. Together they created SHRE Group, a full service Real Estate company specializing in Brokerage, Sales and Acquisitions, and Leasing.

With over 100 years of combined experience our team provides expert real estate services to both individuals and businesses. We are able to help our clients with managing their investments along with handling leasing, purchasing and development of commercial and residential properties. The knowledge, skills and hundreds of transactions SHRE has makes it almost impossible to choose another real estate company.

New York City Commercial Real Estate

Investing in New York Commercial Real Estate is a big decision. In an industry that is so saturated it can be difficult to chose the right company. All we ask is that you set up a consultation with New York City Commercial Real Estate. One of the members from our team will sit with you to go over what type of real estate investment you are going to make. We will make sure that all of the economic factors are addressed thoroughly.

We have the expertise in assisting clients with development projects from start to finish. This includes commissioning and management as required. With strategic alliances in place, we can bring desired results and successful conclusions to any project. In New York City there is a ton of opportunity for our clients to purchase commercial real estate with the right contacts and knowledge. From store fronts, condominiums and entire buildings, the opportunities are endless.

For more information on commercial real estate, please call 917-388-2786 or e-mail


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SHRE Group Makes Real Estate Weekly Headlines


Real Estate Weekly published an article about Safe Harbour Real Estate Group titled “Industry veterans launch Safe Harbour Real Estate Group.” Here are some highlights:

“Safe Harbor was formed with the idea that we take our real estate experience, along with strategic partner alliances developed over years of industry experience, to deliver brokerage and management services that elevate an investment strategy to its highest level,” said Grima, a veteran asset manager whose career has included oversight of such properties as 717 Fifth Avenue, 99 Park Avenue and 500 Park Avenue.

“Zavattieri has sold both residential and commercial properties and crafted the purchase and sales of partnership interests within the portfolios for which she was account executive. Under the tutelage of Schneider, she learned the business “from the bottom up” rising to the rank of executive vice president with both Schneider & Schneider, Inc. and Helmsley-Spear, Inc.  a company she sold on the ownership’s behalf in the Fall of 2007.”

For those of you who do not know, Safe Harbour Real Estate Group, LLC are leaders in the New York Real Estate market; leaders in brokerage services, real estate management, and real estate advisement. The company was founded in the fall of 2015 by Donna M. Zavattieri and Angelo J. Grima.